This Nebula Cosplay Is an Awesome Mix of Makeup and Prosthetics

Cosplayer AmberSkies cosplays Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Nebula so perfectly that, at first glance, you might not even realize it’s not actually Karen Gillan. AmberSkies has every detail down, from the makeup to prosthetics to the costume itself. So much, in fact, that she was featured by Marvel in her very own video spotlight in 2017.

The costume may take hours to put together, but at least it’s not the profound and unceasing pain that Nebula suffered at the hand of Thanos. The first time Amber put on her Nebula costume, she told Nerdist, it took five hours from start to finish. She’s since streamlined the process to about three hours of makeup and prosthetic work.

Amber’s cybernetic arm is part of the costume itself, which is beautifully detailed and looks like it’s straight out of the movie.

“I’m proud to say that every single cybernetic piece on that costume was handcrafted by me as well,” she said. “The supplies that I have used over time have evolved with my skill and it goes much smoother now than it used to.”

This Nebula Cosplay Is an Awesome Mix of Makeup and Prosthetics_1

“Nebula was my first experience with body painting and advanced special effects work for a character,” Amber said. “There was a huge huge learning curve for me when it came to full body application such as this.”

The results are undeniably worth it.

This Nebula Cosplay Is an Awesome Mix of Makeup and Prosthetics_2

As for why she chose Nebula, Amber said she was intrigued by the character the moment she saw her in Guardians of the Galaxy. “I was absolutely enthralled with her character design and hidden agenda,” she said. “Everybody loves a good movie cyborg, but this dark, brooding, mysterious blue alien in the background just had something special about her—and I loved that.”

This Nebula Cosplay Is an Awesome Mix of Makeup and Prosthetics_3

Which Guardian of the Galaxy would you love to cosplay? Tell us in the comments.

Images: AmberSkies / Julius Photography

Guardians galore!

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