DOCTOR WHO Reveals a Fifteenth Doctor Costume That Is Slick and Stylish

Doctor Who’s next era—which we are totally calling the Bad Wolf era—is already setting the stage for something epic. First, there’s the bizarre turn of events that David Tennant will be the Fourteenth Doctor alongside Donna Noble for a bit. But, what’s even more exciting is to see the incredibly delightful Ncuti Gatwa step into the role as the Fifteenth Doctor. He will be joined by Millie Gibson, who will portray his companion Ruby Sunday. (What a fun companion name!) Fans have been very curious about what Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor costume would look like since his announcement. It makes sense, considering he’s a very fashionable guy with eclectic taste. And now we finally know what the Fifteen Doctor will look like with some first-look photos and videos of his costume! 

Surprisingly, Doctor Who‘s Fifteenth Doctor doesn’t have an outfit full of brightness and colors. But, when you think about it, that makes sense considering Thirteen was all about rainbows. Instead, Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor costume is giving stylish and sexy professor with his costume. Love to see it. The brown and black plaid trousers, along with a long coat that will surely flow in the wind while he’s running, are perfect on him. It is virtually law for the Doctor to have an iconic jacket.

If you’re looking to nab the screen-accurate version of this Doctor Who costume, then you may not have luck. It is Nanushka (according to eagle-eyed cosplayers) and sold out on the US website. But, this is a look that can possibly be replicated easily with another brand or, for the intrepid and talented cosplayers among us, made by hand. And Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor costume also includes a very cozy-looking cropped orange sweater, which some fans have IDed as an H&M item. The Fifteen Doctor outfit caps off with Grenson boots that will set you back around $520… if you can find them on the website. Good luck!

Now, for the details that we really love. First, there’s the set of five rings that the Fifteenth Doctor is wearing to complete his outfit. There doesn’t seem to be a significance to wearing five specifically, but they look incredibly cool. It is not the first time we’ve seen the Doctor wear rings as part of their costume. Both Three and Twelve wore them too! What does have more significance is the Gallifreyan artwork on the Fifteenth Doctor’s fingernails. Right now, there is no definitive word on what these symbols mean. A couple of fans speculate that show hints, including something about 13 episodes in Gatwa’s first season, lie hidden in there. But we will have to wait and see if we get further confirmation. 

And, for the greatest part of all. Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor has a mustache. I repeat, there is a Doctor with a mustache. We’ve seen Doctors who don’t fall into the numerical lineup (like the War Doctor) have facial hair; however, this is the first numbered Doctor to have a mustache on Doctor Who. We saw him wearing it in a previous teaser, and, thank the Gallifreyan gods, he kept it. 

photo of doctor who fifteenth doctor outfit costume ncuti gatwa

Of course, we also love Ruby Sunday’s very cosplayable outfit. From the standout jacket with a fur collar to that sold-out Topshop sweater and those really cute shorts, we can imagine that there will be a lot of Ruby Sundays showing up at conventions in 2023. Costuming is one of the most fun elements of Doctor Who and we can’t wait to see our new Doctor Who and his companion rocking their costumes and running off for wild adventures.

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