Get This Bonkers Ice Cream Cone On National Ice Cream Day

It may seem like there’s a different food holiday to celebrate every other day and while most are absurd, I assure you July 15th will be a day to remember.

National Ice Cream Day takes place the third Sunday in July and is a day to celebrate the glory of everyone’s favorite frozen treat. Ice cream enthusiasts such as myself will note that every day is technically ice cream day, but on this particular summer day, many shops around the country roll out the big guns in celebration.

Get This Bonkers Ice Cream Cone On National Ice Cream Day_1
Credit: Afters Ice Cream

Afters Ice Cream is one of those places, and they’re celebrating by offering up what they are calling and Ice Cream Coneception. A free mini cone with a mini scoop of ice cream with any ice cream purchase. That means you can get scoops on scoops on scoops, thus the inception part of this madness.

Get This Bonkers Ice Cream Cone On National Ice Cream Day_2
Credit: Afters Ice Cream

Per their drool-worthy @aftersicecream instagram page, what sets Afters apart are their interesting flavors: Milk and Cereal, Cookie Monster (that resembles the blue hue of the Muppet), and French Toast Churro, are just some of their unique ice cream flavors. Imagine the ice cream monstrosity you could come up with using all of these extraordinary flavors. It would be the most unique Ice Cream Coneception imaginable.

Never one to shy away from creativity, Afters uses ice cream is their vehicle for other cool desserts like their famous Milky Buns, a glazed bun with ice cream stuffed and heat sealed in between. Somehow both hot and cold at the same time, two desserts in one can’t be beat.

To take advantage of Afters Ice Cream’s National Ice Cream Day Coneception promotion—or to grab an ice cream filled donut just because—head to one of their 22 Southern California locations this Sunday, July 15.

Could you handle an Ice Cream Coneception? In the comments let us know what flavors you’d choose and if you go for it—please, please tag @nerdist and @justjennrecipes on instagram. It will make our day.

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