$4 Movie Tickets Return for National Cinema Day

It’s not cheap going to the movies these days. One movie can become quite an expense. And when you add to that the number of movies worth seeing out there, the cost of movie-going can become very high very quickly. But luckily, movie-goers are about to be given a break. The nonprofit organization The Cinema Foundation is bringing back its National Cinema Day celebration. And on National Cinema Day, movie tickets across 3,000 locations will cost at most $4. It’s a great deal. Here’s when, where, and what we know about National Cinema Day and its cheap movie tickets.

When Will National Cinema Day Take Place and What Is it?

The trailer for this event teases, “Every movie. Every showtime. Every ticket. $4.00” And that’s honestly what we love to see. And, if that wasn’t enough, this celebration of movies will happen on a weekend. This year, National Cinema Day will take place on Sunday, August 27. A release shares that over 3,000 theaters will offer discounted movie tickets for all their movies, with over 30,000 screens in play. All movie screenings in any kind of format will cost $4.00.

Which Movies Can You Watch for $4.00 on National Cinema Day?

Super Mario Bros Movie, Barbie, and Gran Turismo will be available as part of National Cinema Day 2023
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Among the theaters participating in National Cinema Day are major chains like AMC, Dolby Cinemas, Regal, and more, but other theaters are also involved. And a ton of movies will be on offer on National Cinema Day. Moviegoers will be able to watch new weekend releases such as Gran Turismo: Based on a True StoryThe Hill, and Bottoms. As mentioned, you can watch these movies in any format they come in for $4, including IMAX and 4DX.

Other summer features will also be available for $4 tickets. Regal Theaters specifically teases an expanded slate of films for this special movie-going day, which includes BarbieOppenheimer, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Elemental, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem. Additionally, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Disney’s The Little Mermaid Sing-AlongHaunted Mansion, and more should all be available for the celebration.

The release for the event also notes that “classic re-releases like Jurassic Park (3D), American Graffiti, Lady Bird, and Oldboy” will be included. That’s quite a few fantastic movies. Before you head into theaters on National Cinema Day, you can check out our reviews for several of these summer hits, including the harrowing Oppenheimer, the dazzling Barbie movie, and the incredibly fun Super Mario Bros. Movie.

To check the availability of National Cinema Day theaters and movies around you, you can visit NationalCinemaDay.org, your local theater’s website, or Fandango.

More About National Cinema Day

You can watch the Super Mario Bros. Movie on National Cinema Day 2023. Mario has a coin and stands with Toad in Super Mario Bros movie which crossed one billion dollars at the box office

This is the second year of the Cinema Foundation’s event. Last year’s day featured $3.00 tickets and brought over eight million people to movie theaters (8.1 million, in total). In all, 2022’s National Cinema Day made $24 million and was 2022’s best-attended day at the movies. What a truly resounding success.

Jackie Brenneman, president of The Cinema Foundation, noted to Deadline that this year “almost every exhibitor and distributor with a movie in the marketplace is participating.” And that National Cinema Day “is about celebrating the moviegoing experience and how important movie theaters are to our communities.” With so many good movies in the zeitgeist right now, a $4.00 ticket is a welcome gift. Hopefully, everyone can get out to see at least one movie on National Cinema Day.

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