Halloween Makeup Project Brings Mythical Creatures to Life

For some people,  Halloween is on October 31st and only October 31st. But for a whole lot of other more imaginatively inclined folks out there, Halloween begins when the calendar turns from September to October. We certainly feel that way here at Nerdist; it’s why we celebrate Nerdoween all month long.

Now, thanks to Mashable, we’ve learned that one of those people is  Loreli Baroldy, who has chosen to transform herself into various creatures every single day for the entire month of October. Because why celebrate Halloween on one day when you can do it for 30? According to Baroldy, “I pick the creature the day of. Usually right as I’m pulling out my makeup. I’ll use photos from online of the creatures as references.”

Baroldy has been sharing her photos each day via her Facebook and Instagram pages. Interestingly, Baroldy isn’t a makeup artist by trade at all. In fact, she’s a pastry chef, but after taking a course on the subject in college, she became an amateur makeup artist just for the fun of it. Back in 2013, she did a series of photos with makeup based on classic Disney villains.

As mentioned, the theme for this year is mythical creatures. Thirteen days in, Baroldy has been a mermaid, a minotaur, and even the legendary Medusa. You can view select images from her special Halloween project down below;  to see the rest of her makeup creations this month, be sure to stop by her social media pages each day.

Day 10 is some kind of ice queen/jester. Dunno. #makeup #halloween #ice #halloweenmakeup #white #fun #creative

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Which of these wild makeup transformations is your personal fave? Be sure to let us know below in the comments.

Images: Loreli Baroldy

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