Step Into Arendelle in the VR Short MYTH: A FROZEN TALE

Just when you finally got “Into the Unknown” to stop replaying in your head, it’s time to step back into the Enchanted Forest of Frozen 2! You’ve never seen Arendelle like this, completely surrounding you in both sight and sound through the magic of VR in Myth: A Frozen Tale. The immersive animated film is available today, only on Oculus Quest.

Myth: A Frozen Tale


Myth: A Frozen Tale is the first VR short from Disney Animation to be inspired by one of its feature films. Once you put on the Oculus headset and step into the world of Frozen, you’ll be greeted with a brand-new, original soundtrack paired with the stylized art and symbols that are familiar to anyone who’s watched Elsa’s continuing journey of self discovery. This new tale features a different family in Arendelle as they begin telling a bedtime story that casts a spell of its own.

Myth invites you to look around with wonder as it expands the story of the elemental spirits audiences were delighted to meet in Frozen 2.

“Being able to immerse our audiences directly into this unique cinematic experience, to truly feel the power and presence of the elemental spirits from in Frozen 2 from the comfort of their home, is an incredible reward for a lot of hard work,” says Nicholas Russell, producer of Myth. “We hope it shows you that storytelling in VR has a very bright future.”

The 8-minute film combines hand-drawn and computer-generated animations to tell an original story narrated by Evan Rachel Wood. Pick up Myth: A Frozen Tale for the Oculus Quest for just $2.99, and get ready to go into the unknown like never before.

Featured Image: Disney

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