MY HERO ACADEMIA Voice Actors Fan Cast the Live-Action Movie

Nerdist had the incredible opportunity to go to the red carpet for the U.S. premiere of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, the newest movie from the superhero anime that’s become a worldwide sensation. We chatted with some of the movie’s stars to find out who they want to see sitting in Class 1-A when the superpowered story makes the big move to live-action in the future. Let’s Go Beyond to hear their picks!



Chris Sabat, voice of the Symbol of Peace himself, says that All Might could only be played by a magical mashup of George Clooney and The Rock. 

Voice actor Justin Briner thinks Tom Holland could go from one teenaged hero to another and become Deku. We can picture the green hair on him now and Tom would rock it.

With an explosive temper and unwavering confidence, Katsuki Bakugo would be the perfect fit for… Gordon Ramsay? His voice actor Clifford Chapin ponders that casting. (Speaking of hair, can someone Photoshop those blonde spikes on the famous chef for us?)

Shoto Todoroki wields powers of fire and ice. Throngs of dedicated fans often swoon over the stoic hero, making Leonardo DiCaprio a dream fan cast.

Mina Ashido is one of the most carefree students of Class 1-A. Harley Quinn actress Margot Robbie could embody her fabulous free spirit, says voice actress Caitlin Glass.

Rock Lock is a hero new to season 4 of My Hero Academia, and his voice actor Gabe Kunda says Michael B. Jordan would rock Rock Lock. Sign. Us. Up.

Speaking of season 4, the story’s villain Overhaul could be played by Justin Long. We’re a fan of voice actor Kellen Goff’s unexpected pick.

Voice actress Elizabeth Maxwell had just one name in mind for the gorgeous Midnight: Lizzo.

Who should don the wings of pro hero Hawks? Zeno Robinson has a couple of suggestions. (And don’t think we didn’t notice your subtle cosplay, Zeno!)

Legendary’s live-action adaptation of My Hero Academia is still a ways away, but My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising hits theaters across the country (subtitled and dubbed) on February 26. The students of UA, the hero training school, head to Nabu Island to help its residents. Trouble seems to follow Deku everywhere, and the remote island is no exception. Can Deku, Bakugo, and their classmates rise to the occasion when villains attack?

Featured Image: Toho/Funimation

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