The 10 Best Super Powers In MY HERO ACADEMIA

2017 is full of superheroes. We’ve got movies, we’ve got TV shows, and we’ve got comics all in the spotlight. Personally, I like to think it’s because of the cool super powers. As a fan of comics and manga my whole life, I’ve always been drawn to the creativity behind some of the most absurd super powers, and lately the most exciting ones have come from the hit anime/manga My Hero Academia. After much research and contemplation, we’ve put together a list of the most incredible powers in the My Hero Academia world. These were chosen based on practicality and usefulness, so even though some are really cool, they may not make it in the top 10.

Himiko Toga:  Transform

Himiko’s ability to turn into anyone may be unoriginal in a world where Mystique of the X-Men exists, but it doesn’t make the power any less amazing. She can transform every part of herself into a completely different person of her choosing and even mimic their voice. With the right look, Himiko can easily get away with stealth, framing people, inciting riots, assassination, and much more. You’d never know who she is at any given moment. Transform is not only a practical ability, it’s also extremely versatile.

Neito Monoma:  Copy

Neito is a smart-ass kid who loves to rile up his enemies. Convince them to come after him, steal their powers. It’s a jerk move, but really effective. Copy allows him to utilize any other person’s ability for up to 5 minutes. This quirk makes the list because of how useful it could be given the right planning. Stealing powers at the right times to counter other powers could allow Neito to defeat anyone. The best quirk in the world is right at his fingertips as long as he makes sure he gets close. So don’t let him get close.

Best Jeanist:  Fiber Master

In the modern world, this quirk is quite possibly the best and most incredible power anyone could ever have. Best Jeanist may sound like a silly name, but his ability to manipulate all fibers at will is monstrous. If you are wearing clothes, like people do, then you’re at his mercy. As shown in the series, he can move people great distances in the blink of an eye just by launching their clothes through the air. He can even send the fibers out from himself and create fabric armor in a flash. Good thing he’s a hero.

Kurogiri/Black Mist:  Warp Gate

This ability is perfect for evade and capture maneuvers and also works as an attacking method to blindside opponents. Kurogiri can quickly teleport himself and multiple others, as well as open portals at close range to facilitate indirect attacking. This ability is not only amazing when paired with others, but it can also be deadly by itself. Imagine fighting him and suddenly appearing above a volcano! Or punching at him and having your hand warped into a meat grinder! The possibilities are endless.

Katsuki Bakugo:  Explosion

Sweating ignitable nitroglycerin may be an odd power, but Bakuguo uses this ability to do a variety of awesome things. It can be used to make him fly, he can release long and short range attacks with it, and he only gets stronger as the fights go on, since he’ll sweat more and create more nitro for bigger explosions. This quirk keeps people away when it needs to and closes the distance when he wants to go on the offensive. Also, the explosions do not affect him, and their force pretty much breaks anything in his way. No wonder he’s #1.

Stain:  Bloodcurdle

Of all the abilities in My Hero Academia, Stain’s is the most uniquely disgusting and dangerous. By ingesting the blood of his enemies, Stain can paralyze his opponents. The amount of paralysis time varies based on blood types, but it only takes a second for him to finish the job. Stain covers himself in blades so there’s always an opportunity to draw the blood of his enemies. Armored foes still have squishy bits, and speedsters can’t hurt someone covered in blades. This quirk makes the list for how easily it dispatches enemies with very little effort on the user’s end.

Tomura Shigaraki:  Decay

Shigaraki earns the top villain slot in My Hero Academia, not because he’s a deranged murderer, but because his power is super scary. All he has to do is touch something and it will wither away. It can be used to destroy solid objects as well as human flesh, and all it takes is a touch of all five fingers. The downside is that it doesn’t seem like it can be controlled and the effects of it are involuntary, but when pointed in the right direction it can prove to be fatal in an instant.

Shoto Todoroki:  Half-Cold Half-Hot

It’s one thing to be able to manipulate flames and another to manipulate ice, but Shoto can literally create them from nothing. Both the fire and the ice are powerful on their own, but when used together they create incredible explosions. The rapid heating and cooling acts as a powerful destructive force. It’s the perfect defense and offense with seemingly no weakness besides the user’s stamina.

Shota Aizawa/Eraserhead:  Erasure

The only power that’s better than the best power is the ability to negate other powers. It doesn’t matter how great your quirk is if you can’t use it, and Aizawa’s Erasure quirk always evens the playing field. Some opponents may have some physical traits not connected to their quirk that could still provide an advantage, but that’s nothing some training and experience can’t help you beat, as Aizawa showcases in the series. The only weaknesses this ability has are that it doesn’t work on mutation-type quirks and the user has to be looking at their opponent.

All Might/Izuku Midoriya:  One for All

One for All is the most unique quirk in all of My Hero Academia in that it’s a quirk that is passed on through multiple people and grows stronger each time. One for All is developed and strengthened by one user then passed to another who does the same. As both All Might and Midoriya show, One for All has its own base level of power for each user, which can be pushed to access the power that the previous users developed. This can make gauging its strength impossible in battle. Add to that the incomparable super strength and speed, and you’ve got a nearly invincible power that only gets better over time.Did you agree with the list? Disappointed that your favorite didn’t make the cut? Tell us your picks for the best powers in the comments below!Season 2 of My Hero Academia is currently airing with subtitles on Crunchyroll and Hulu, while the first season is available in English on Hulu. The manga is available from VIZ Media in English online and at your local bookstores.

Images: Studio Bones and Weekly Shonen Jump

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