Elon Musk and SpaceX Released the Most Expensive Blooper Reel of All Time

Is Elon Musk blowing up rockets for fun? Is this just a prank, bro? Or is this a trailblazer in commercial aerospace technology having a laugh at its own incredible expense? Set to the jaunty strains of the  Monty Python’s Flying Circus “How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster” is the latest in a proud tradition of releasing “fail compilations” on YouTube.

Except unlike other videos, which take more of a Hans Moleman’s “Man Getting Hit By Football” tack, this supercut of rocket science gone awry features SpaceX’s biggest goofs, blunders, and misfires over the course of test launches dating back to 2013. From failed sensors to running out of liquid oxygen to damaged landing legs, the two-minute video is both a deeply satisfying bit of space-age schadenfreude and a case study in just how damn difficult rocket science truly is. But rocket fails aren’t the only subject of interstellar inquiry on today’s episode of Muskwatch!

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In addition to SpaceX silliness, we pour one out for the Cassini spacecraft’s final descent into the murky depths of Saturn, speculate on the mental state of the participants in NASA’s experiment who just emerged from living in isolation for eight months in the middle of a Hawaiian volcano, give you the latest on the United States government’s plan to go full Star Wars with an army of space marines, and much more.

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