Museum of Pinball Auctioning More Than 1,300 Arcade Games

The Museum of Pinball in Banning, California, the world’s largest collection of classic pinball and arcade games, is closing. When it shutters its doors for good, more than 40,000 square feet of gaming history will close with it. But all those machines, both vintage and modern, have to go somewhere. And that somewhere could be your house. Before it says goodbye, the nonprofit organization is auctioning off over 1,300 games worth more than $8 million.

A series of pinball machines lined up at the Museum of PinballMoonbeam Arcade

Captain’s Auction Warehouse will host two different weekend sales events at the Museum of Pinball this month. The organization is the latest to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The first of the two weekend auctions (which we initially heard about at NBC Los Angeles) will run September 10-12. The second takes place September 24-26. While the sales will take place live at the Museum of Pinball’s 700 South Hathaway St. location, the auction will also accept online bids. You can register to get in on the action at the Captain’s Auction Warehouse website. You can also find the full six-day schedule below. However, a $300 refundable dash deposit is required to attend.

We expect there to be a huge turnout. From Superman and Spider-Man to Waterworld and the Harlem Globetrotters, there’s something for everyone. Including those looking for games and machines both old and new. It’s the perfect opportunity for those who always dreamed of having their very own pinball machine. Or, of course, to add to their at-home arcade.

It would be better if the Museum of Pinball could keep its doors open. That way everyone could enjoy these games. But finding each of the games a good home is still a way to make sure they get played. If you do buy one, though, feel free to invite us over. We’ll still bring a few rolls of quarters.

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