This Multiplayer Game for Dogs Is the Cutest Co-op Ever

Multiplayer games are currently dominating the gaming industry, and for good reason—there’s nothing better than completing a fun challenge with friends.

And now, thanks to (via Neatorama), dogs now have that same opportunity to game with a buddy. DogScientist builds all kinds of puzzles and challenges for their Golden Retriever Albert, and when Albert got an adorable and peppy puppy assistant Delta, they built a new device to channel all of that energy.

The game consists of a metal drum that spins in the center of the contraption, and as it does so, treats fall out of the holes into one of six compartments below. The dogs are positioned on either side, and must push the lever that corresponds with the correct compartment in order to release the treat. In the first part of the video, Albert and Delta are just trying to figure out how the machine works. But they’re smart dogs (dog scientists, to be exact), so they learn the game pretty quickly. It then becomes a race of who can get to the treats first.

After a while, the game takes a turn for the cute, and Delta realizes they can get the treats faster if she goes to Albert’s side and helps him, further cementing the idea that dogs are the most wholesome beings alive. It may be a simple game for us, but it really makes you think about how smart these dogs are to be able to figure it out as quickly as they do. These pro gamers need to watch their backs, because it looks like Delta and Albert are a team to look out for.

Image: DogScientist

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