MTN DEW Baja Blast Is Coming to Retail Stores to Celebrate Its 20th Birthday

A great 20th century poet once wrote, “The years start coming and they don’t stop coming.” Today we’re reminded just how true that is because this year MTN DEW Baja Blast is celebrating its 20th birthday. How is it possible the Taco Bell exclusive flavor is already that old? And what does the quick passage of time mean for our own mortality? We have no intention of thinking about that. Not when there’s much better news to share. MTN Dew is marking two decades of tropical lime flavor by bringing Baja Blast and its Zero Sugar counterpart to stores everywhere for all of 2024.

A promo for Baja Blast with bottles, a cup, and an octopus and beach theme with promo writing for the Bajaversary

This year is going to be a 12-month long party MTN DEW is calling the Bajaversary. That means in addition to finding this tasty drink in Taco Bell restaurants, fans will also be able to get it in bottles and cans in stores nationwide. This will be the first time it’s sold that way for an entire year. Previously it has only made brief appearances on shelves.

In addition to retail availability, MTN DEW is also sponsoring a big Baja Blast promotion. In a press release the company wrote that fans can earn rewards “with every purchase of Baja Blast and Baja Blast Zero Sugar, both in stores and at participating Taco Bell locations.” Each Baja Blast will let you “collect coins for a chance to redeem BAJA gear, accessories, electronics, a Taco Bell deal, and more at the Baja Blast Shop at”

The Bajaversary will also touch the Super Bowl. Baja Blast will make its first-ever on-screen appearance during this year’s NFL championship game. That’s quite a way to celebrate your 20th birthday. How did we celebrate ours? That was a long time ago and we’d rather not think about it. The Bajaversary is a year long part for a soda, not a reason to think about how many years we have left to drink it.

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