MS. MARVEL Episode Three Teased a Connection to SHANG-CHI

Episode three of Ms. Marvel was full of secrets. From the reveal of the Clandestines to the truth about Kamala’s powers, there was a lot to dig into. So you might have missed a massive MCU Easter egg in the opening moments of the show. 

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What Was in Ms. Marvel‘s Temple? 

A still from Ms. Marvel episode three shows the ClanDestines standing on the symbol of the Ten Rings
Marvel Studio

The big moment came as Najma, Aisha, and the other Clandestines searched for the bangle to help them get home. Picture this, it’s 1942, the year before Captain America took the Super Soldier Serum. In the ancient ruins of the temple, the desperate team looks for a pair of cosmic artifacts. They eventually find one! As we pull away from the ruins, we see the symbol of the Ten Rings organization carved into the ground. 

Who Are the Ten Rings in the MCU? 

Wenwu with the ten rings in Shang-Chi
Marvel Studios

The group was first introduced in Iron Man as a generic terrorist outfit. The third Iron Man film reimagined them as a front for evil scientist Aldrich Killian with Ben Kingsley’s comedic thespian posing as “The Mandarin” in order to instill fear. That was all reconsidered in Shang-Chi, which introduced us to the real leader of the group, Xu Wenwu, played by Hong Kong cinema icon Tony Leung. There we learned the ancient history of the group and how they used the magical Ten Rings— which were possibly created by the Eternals—to run a massive criminal enterprise. 

During Shang-Chi, the titular hero of the movie has to find his father, Wenwu, and ends up taking the physical Ten Rings from the man who raised him. Ending his tragic story, Wenwu perished in the final battle of the movie. Eventually, Shang-Chi took ownership of the real Ten Rings, while his sister Xialing secretly took over the criminal organization of the same name. 

Why Are the Ten Rings in Ms. Marvel?

Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan in episode three of Ms. Marvel.
Marvel Studios

We can assume that the Ten Rings either built the temple or marked it as a place with powerful artifacts. Although we don’t know when or the exact reasons, we can likely guess that it’s to do with the bangles that Najma and her family were searching for. It’ll be interesting to see if we get any more nods to the organization or their connection to the bangles and their original hiding place as the series goes on. 

Featured Image: Marvel Studios

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