Mr. Robot: First Season 3 Trailer and a Look at Bobby Cannavale’s Character

It’s been nearly a year now since the second season finale of USA’s  Mr. Robot, and while it was a strong episode (check out our review  here), it sure did leave us with a lot of questions, and therefore a big hole in our hearts during all this time we’ve waited for these mysteries to be resolved. Thankfully, though, we won’t have to wait all that much longer, since it was revealed on Friday that the show’s third season is set to premiere on October 11.

After an online scavenger hunt that took place across the show’s social media accounts, fans also got a taste of the upcoming season in the form of a new 60-second trailer. It has everything you’d expect out of a world in a state of chaotic meltdown: trash can fires in the street, pillaged office buildings, and of course, people in creepy masks wielding guns.

Perhaps most interestingly, the trailer offers up a first look at Irving, a new character played by Bobby Cannavale. He’s a dynamic screen presence who livens up every scene he’s in, so we’re uber curious about what his role will be this time around.

What do you think the show’s third season has in store? How do you think Cannavale’s character factors into everything? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Featured image: Michael Parmelee/USA Network

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