MoviePass Ends Its ‘Unlimited’ Movies Offer, Drops to 3 Movies a Month

It’s been a tumultuous summer, but  MoviePass isn’t quite dead yet.

However, fans of the popular movie subscription service will soon lose one of its most appealing features: the ability to see as many films as you want (at least without exceeding one per day). Starting on August 15, MoviePass will only allow fans to see three movies a month.

Via ScreenCrush, MoviePass’ latest move came in response to the previous change in terms, which would have increased prices to $15 a month while blacking out the films newest to theaters. Under the new set of rules, MoviePass is apparently lifting those restrictions while reserving the right to bring them back at a later time.

Three movies a month for around $10 may still prove to be appealing to fans, although it does mean that AMC’s recently launched subscription plan will let users see three times as many films for a fee roughly twice the price of MoviePass. However, MoviePass will offer $2 to $5 discounts on tickets sold through the app after fans have used up their allotted movies for a month.

The questions about MoviePass’ long term health won’t end with its latest changes, although it may slow down the cash burn that saw its parent company take an emergency $5 million dollar loan when funding briefly ran out near the end of July. That debt has since been repaid, according to Helios and Matheson Analytics. Whether this will allow MoviePass to rebound its fortunes remains to be seen.

How do you feel about the latest changes coming to MoviePass? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Images: Lionsgate/Helios and Matheson Analytics

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