More Than Cardboard: TinkerTurf Brings Your Table to Life

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Each week here at Geek & Sundry we take a look at  new and upcoming exciting titles on Kickstarter! This week’s Kickstarter of the week is  TinkerTurf, described as “a full color, pre-cut, easily assembled wargaming terrain product” and as of this writing has surpassed its funding goal of $45k and is in the final 48-hour push!

One of my favorite aspects of miniatures games is looking over a table populated with terrain wondering what kind of battle this world is going to provide. Wargaming scenery can make a huge difference from the second you put down your first unit to the moment you realize your tank is about to get stuck behind some barricades. Unfortunately, filling a table with terrain as impressive as your painted minis isn’t always easy. We’ve given you some tips in the past to help you build your own terrain, but sometimes that doesn’t quite cut it. Sometimes you want a stunning centerpiece or a table chock-full of 3D platforms and you’d rather spend your time painting miniatures. Enter TinkerTurf.

There are a lot of terrain options out there, from stunning plastic set pieces and laser cut wood, to homemade stuff. What we like about TinkerTurf is that it combines the best of a lot of worlds. TinkerTurf terrain is made out of the same 2mm pressed cardboard that high-end board games use for their components, which allows them to print both sides in full-color art. The initial offering is the “Sector Meritas” industrial plant, but stretch goals will bring other motifs. This terrain has the visual punch of painted terrain sets with the storage-friendly modularity of laser cut options.

TinkerTurf is partnering with Panda, one of the more well-known board game manufacturers. While they don’t recommend letting them get soaking wet, they seem to be pretty durable. I’ve been playing with a few pieces for the past weekend and can happily report that they are showing no signs of wear from use and seem to be fairly toddler-resistant. I imagine that assembling the set will take an evening of hobby time, but once assembled they’re ready to go!

A single set of TinkerTurf terrain includes over 130 individual pieces that can be combined in a number of different ways. You sprawl everything out to populate a 4×4 table, or shrink the surface and go multi-level (Necromunda anyone?). Add-ons and additional sets are available for those looking for a bit more and it’s all designed to continue to scale and build off of itself. There’s even a massive Mag=Lev station stretch goal that has just been released. Pieces of it are available as add-ons if you don’t want all of it, but fully assembled it’d be perfect as a centerpiece on your 40k table or for your gangers to run through. It’s not just classic sci-fi skirmish that this terrain can be used for. The same barriers that provide cover or get in the way of tanks can lay out tracks in a game of Gaslands or provide scatter boxes for almost any system.

TinkerTurf has reached its funding goal and the campaign will end on February 9th. A single set of the Sector Meritas terrain is $79, with other funding levels and add-ons available.


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Featured Image Credits: Raf Cordero

Image Credits: Raf Cordero, TinkerTurf

Disclosure: TinkerTurf provided the product for the purpose of this article.

In addition to Geek & Sundry, Raf Cordero writes for Miniature Market’s The Review Corner and co-hosts the gaming podcast  Ding & Dent. Chat with him on Twitter  @captainraffi.

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