This Monster Truck Was Made from a Half-a-Million Dollar Rolls Royce for Some Reason

I have always considered Grave Digger to be the Rolls Royce of monster trucks. However, a new oversized machine of destruction has me reconsidering if it still deserves that title, not because its more powerful, but because someone made a monster truck out of an actual Rolls Royce. Though it’s not clear why anyone would turn a half-a-million dollar luxury car into a novelty vehicle.

In a story we first came across at Geekologie, a black Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, which retails for around $500,000, was turned into a full-sized monster truck. For some reason. What could that reason be? Was the car in an accident? Is it an older model and had lost a lot of its original value? That’s doubtful, considering the lower end price for some used models is still over $200,000, meaning this one would have been worth a whole lot of money just in spare parts. It’s even weirder when you learn the average price of a monster truck is $150,000.

Uh…cool? Right? This is cool, even if it is completely baffling. Though maybe we shouldn’t be that surprised. If you can afford a half-a-million-dollar Rolls Royce you can probably afford to do whatever you want with it.

Though to really outdo the Grave Digger, they should spend a few more bucks on a cool paint job. A red roof and some hard-to-see flames? For $500k you’d think you could get some green neon stripes.

What would be the most ridiculous car someone could transform into a monster truck? Drive all over our comments section below for your most absurd idea.

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