MOESHA, SISTER SISTER, Other Classic Black Sitcoms Hitting Netflix

There are so many classic Black sitcoms from the ‘90s and 2000s that give fans all the good feels. Some of them still have life via reruns, but more than a few faves have seemingly disappeared into thin air; they didn’t become streaming staples like Friends or The Office. Basically, if you didn’t have VHS or DVDs then you were out of luck. Viewers have gone on many Twitter tangents about wanting to see more of their throwback sitcoms on streaming services. Now, it’s finally happening! Netflix is bringing several shows to streaming just in time to fill the late summer and fall TV gaps. This comes on the heels of shows like Living Single and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air being available on Hulu and HBO Max, respectively.

Netflix’s Strong Black Lead account sent fans into a frenzy with one very special tweet. The message delivers a string of great shows and release dates along with a video message from the stars. Prepare yourself for warm, fuzzy feelings.

Tracee Ellis Ross, Essence Atkins, Jill Marie Jones, Rachel True, Tia Mowry Hardrict, and more came together to celebrate the news. Each person thanked fans for being persistent about asking for their shows to come to Netflix. They also brought back up a few classic sitcom moments, like Lynn’s infamous couch surfing tales. Who can forget the incessant drama between Melanie and Derwin? Or everyone telling Roger to go home? What exactly happened at the end of Moesha, anyway?

Girlfriends sitcom TV show cast stand together wearing white tank tops


This string of shows will certainly tug on those nostalgic heartstrings of ’90s kids. It will be great to be able to check out every single episode of Moesha and Sister, Sister in order instead of catching random ones on TV. And series like Girlfriends, Half & Half, and One on One always deserve more shine and views. Many of these shows tackle issues that are still relevant in the midst of laughter, drama, love, and friendship.

This is an exciting sitcom lineup that will really make viewers want to stay at home.

Featured Image: UPN/The CW 

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