Doug the Pug Becomes MOANA and Takes to the Ocean

What to do when you’re a pug that longs to escape the constraints of sleepy island life and explore the great unknown of the ocean? The answer is easy if you’re Doug the Pug: you dig into your costume closet and dress as both Moana and Maui from Disney’s Moana. This delightful combination came to my attention thanks to The Huffington Post, and I have to say, Doug the Pug’s Moana-inspired looks are the best things I’ve seen this month. I know it’s early in May, but I have a hunch this will stick with me.

But before we obsess over its unending cuteness, watch the video first:

The expression on Doug’s face at about eight seconds in kills me. I know he doesn’t fully understand the importance of the Heart of Te Fiti, but he looks so happy about wearing it. Maybe he’s just blissed out because he’s enjoying a day by the ocean. It’s not a surprise. If you flip through Doug the Pug’s adventures on Instagram (and you need to treat yourself and do so if you haven’t already), you’ll see he’s no stranger to water. Maybe he feels like the sea is calling to him. You don’t know.

Though I think the Moana costume with its long and flowing locks and red tube top suit Doug well, he also rocks it as the demigod Maui. He keeps the same wig, but changes up the outfit and puts on a grass skirt and a fish hook necklace. I am utterly charmed–even more so than when Doug the Pug tackled Stranger Things.

If you had a pug into wearing clothes, what sort of costumes would you make for him or her? Tell us in the comments!

Featured Image: Doug the Pug – Moana

Want more Moana? Here’s our interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda!

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