MINEKO’S NIGHT MARKET is Perfect for Casual Gamers and Cat-Lovers

If you’ve been longing to fill an Animal Crossing-shaped hole in your heart, Meowza Games is coming to your rescue later this year with Mineko’s Night Market. The indie game, coming to PC/Mac and possibly other platforms in 2018, puts you in the adorable shoes of Mineko as she explores her new home on a mysterious island packed with cats.

It’s hard not to draw the similarities to Animal Crossing, as the colorful island is filled with quirky townspeople and changes with the seasons. Gameplay consists of day-to-day activities like collecting resources, crafting, and unlocking modes of transportation to reach other parts of the unique island.

It all leads to the eponymous Night Market, one night a week where Mineko sells her hard-earned trinkets and crafted items to the inhabitants of the island. Then it’s time to spend that money on mini-games like cat racing (did we mention there are a lot of cats?), collectibles, and more within the magical market. There are even weekly events and a variety of stage shows, so you’ll probably never have the same night at the market twice.

Mineko’s Night Market looks whimsical, enchanting, and entirely open-ended, leaving you to explore Mount Fugu Island and spend your days however you’d like. The game “celebrates Japanese culture while introducing a heartwarming story about friendship, choices, and cats,” says the official description, which sounds like an utterly charming way to spend your gaming time.

Whether you’re an Animal Crossing fan, interested in Japanese culture, or simply a cat person, it seems like there’s something for every casual gamer in Mineko’s Night Market. Keep an eye meowt for it on Steam later this year.

All Images: Meowza Games / Humble Bundle

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