Mine, Be! DIY Yoda Bookmark Valentines

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Class valentines can be a tricky business. You don’t want to send the kids to school with store-bought perforated cards and junk candy, but you also don’t have time to craft masterpieces worthy of Pinterest.

Have you covered, we do!

These Yoda bookmarks are adorable valentines with a personal touch that won’t take you 900 years to put together. And they’re so simple, your kids can make them themselves.

What You Need

  • Light green cardstock
  • Dark brown cardstock
  • Light brown cardstock or a brown paper bag
  • Various colors cardstock (4.5″ X 6.5″ pack recommended)
  • Black pen or marker
  • Light green marker
  • Yoda template (link below)
  • Printed valentine text template (link below)
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Glue

Get Started!

Begin by printing this Yoda template for the top of the bookmark. (You can also draw one of your own.)

Trace the template twice on the green cardstock and cut the shapes out.

Next, cut a small strip of the dark brown cardstock for Yoda’s “neck.” The strip should be approximately 1/2″ wide and 2″ long.

Then cut two strips of the light brown cardstock or brown paper bag (if you like to upcycle), 1″ wide and 4″ long. Cut a small triangle out at the top of one brown strip for the robe neckline.

The bookmark is ready to assemble!

Begin by pasting the dark brown strip to the top of the long robe strip that doesn’t have the triangle in it. Be sure to leave at least a quarter of the strip hanging off the top.

Glue the back of the dark brown strip to one of the face cut-outs. See below. (I recommend gluing it to the side of the head with any pencil tracing visible.)

Next, glue the other face piece on top of the glued face piece, making a “sandwich” of the dark brown strip in the middle. Make sure the side with no visible pencil tracing is facing up for a clean look.

Glue the second robe piece with the triangle on top of the other robe piece, making another “sandwich” of the dark brown strip. The dark brown strip should be visible through the triangle for Yoda’s shirt.

Use the light green marker to draw lines on Yoda’s ears and forehead. Next, draw two black round eyes with the black pen, and underneath, use the green marker again to draw his nose. Finally, use the black pen to draw a small smile.

The bookmark is complete! Now it’s time to create a holder for the bookmark to make it a valentine.

Cut one piece of colorful 4.5″ X 6.5″ cardstock in half lengthwise.

Next, use the craft knife to cut two slits in the paper about 3″ apart and at least 1.5″ long.

Print this “Yoda Best!” template and cut one of words. Paste the text in the middle of the valentine holder between the slits. (Your kids can also simply write the words on each if a printer isn’t handy.)

When pasting the text, be sure to leave room on the bottom of the holder to write who the valentine is “to” and “from.”

Slide the bookmark into the holder, and your DIY Yoda bookmark valentine is complete!

If you’re creating valentines for a number of your child’s friends or the entire class, I suggest cutting all of the pieces first and then assembling them. (I used this method to create 20 valentines in the time it took to watch just one episode of Critical Role.)

Do you like to make valentines yourself, or do you prefer to buy a box and be done with it? Tell us in the comments below!

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