Mimi Choi’s Makeup Optical Illusions Might Make Your Stomach Flip

Brace yourself for images that will dazzle you, confound you, and probably squick you out. Those are just a few of the side effects you can expect after viewing makeup artist Mimi Choi’s astounding work. Her optical illusion makeup came to our attention through Bored Panda, and we are sufficiently impressed. Look at this magic:

Before she turned her attention to turning the human face into a piece of trippy art, Choi was a preschool teacher. She wasn’t satisfied with the profession, and after she left that job, she decided to try her hand at makeup. She went to a local beauty college and studied YouTube tutorials. Those studies led to an Choi applying an array of makeup styles from straightforward to otherworldly. You can guess which ones we’re going to focus on.

Insert multiple lines of the shocked emoji here.

Snake lips, anyone?

Choi doesn’t limit herself to putting makeup on only the face. This is a sushi hand. Seriously.

To get regular doses of impressive and wild makeup illusions, follow Choi on Instagram. Just maybe don’t scroll through her feed right before bed.

Are Choi’s makeup illusions giving you inspiration for Halloween? You have over two months. Start practicing now.

Images: Mimi Choi

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