Enjoy Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill Goofing Around on the Set of ENOLA HOLMES 2

If you’ve already enjoyed Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix and crave more fourth wall-breaking content from Enola herself, this behind-the-scenes video is for you. Millie Bobby Brown and co-stars feature, and boy are they delightful. Highlights include Henry Cavill ad-libbing lines in the scene where Sherlock Holmes is drunk. It is just as charming as you could hope for, but sadly didn’t make the final cut. And Brown’s on-set antics with Louis Partridge, who plays the Viscount Tewkesbury, shows off the actors’ real-life chemistry.  

Brown’s brother Charlie was on hand to film these fun behind the scenes looks. Yes, his name is Charlie Brown. The video above covers many important scenes throughout the movie. There’s explosions, fights, and even a kissing scene. Brown insists that she prefers hitting Partridge to kissing him, but the two look like they’re constantly goofing around with each other between takes. They even sing Hamilton songs together.

The whole on-set diary is a nice peek behind the curtain and shows what seems like a happy set, which makes the movie even that much more fun to watch. Perhaps the most important information we learn is that Brown brings her pets with her to movie sets. And they have literary character names! Her dog is Winnie-the-Pooh and a cute white rabbit is confusingly named Eeyore.

Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge on set of Enola Holmes 2
Still Watching Netflix

There’s even more behind the scenes looks from Enola Holmes 2 on the Still Watching Netflix YouTube channel, including silly interviews with Brown and Cavill. There’s also content for their other shows and movies like The Crown, the Knives Out sequel Glass Onion, and the Lindsay Lohan holiday movie Falling for Christmas. Here’s hoping for even more bloopers and deleted scenes (maybe that proposal Partrdige alluded to?) from Enola Holmes 2 in a future video. Until then, maybe we’ll just watch the movie again.

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