This Microwave Lets You Play Video Games Right On Its Door

You know that AT&T commercial that’s airing everywhere right now, the one where Mark Wahlberg says we want everything to be a television (and refers to Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball only as “kids’ show thing” ugh)? We may not have cable on our heart monitors, but now, we do have something that’s probably equally cool: video games on our microwave ( via Polygon).

On the YouTube series Furze’s Invention Show, host Colin Furze makes a viewer-requested invention every episode, and the whole thing is like a fun bite-sized bit of public access television (but online). This time around, he was asked about making a microwave that wouldn’t be as boring to just sit and watch while your food heats up. His solution was to put a screen on it with AV input, so you can use a pre-HDMI device on it.

While cooking a peanut butter-covered onion (for reasons we’re not going to try to understand), he plugs in one of those cheap, 200-in-1 plug-and-play video game consoles, and both totally works: He’s able to play an old-school-style racing game while heating up an absolutely disgusting-sounding dish. There is no breakdown of the build process, although Furze does note that he wasn’t able to build the screen directly into the door itself, so he more or less stuck a screen onto the front of the existing door instead.

The good news is that if you’re into Furze’s creative spirit, he takes requests for his videos, so leave a comment on his videos if you have an idea, and let us know below what sort of crazy thing you’d like to see him make.

Featured image: colinfurze/YouTube

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