Microsoft FLIGHT SIMULATOR Gets a Massive New Upgrade

One of the most iconic Microsoft brands of the ’90s is making a welcome return this summer. After 14 years, Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming back to computer screens the world over. According to a report coming out of Verge, the folks at Microsoft are releasing the largest upgrade to Flight Simulator in its nearly 40 year history. The new title has been developed by French studio Asobo and is shedding all subtitles and going classic. It will simply be called Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This version will lean into all of Microsoft’s Bing Maps data, along with Azure-powered procedural generation technology. This will enable them to render the earth with a level of detail that would have been impossible, even just a few short years ago. You can see just how much more advanced this version is in the new Flight Simulator launch trailer up above.

Microsoft’s head of Flight Simulator, Jorg Neumann, told Verge, “The desire to make another flight sim was truly always there…but it was always, ‘What are we going to add? What do we have to say?’ You know, can we actually make a meaningful step forward?” Judging from that trailer alone, it very much seems that they have made incredible leaps forward in what Flight Simulator can now do.

Despite all the advances, there are some places in the world where restrictions to airspace have forced the developers to improvise. But this will still be miles ahead of any of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator programs from the past. And they’ve left room for plenty of improvements along the way. So who knows? In a few years we might get a version that showcases every nook and cranny on the Earth.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available to play now on Windows 10, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass.

Featured Image: Microsoft

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