Michelle Pfeiffer Shows Why She’s Still The Best CATWOMAN

There have been many incredible live-action versions of Catwoman, ever since Julie Newmar first put on the catsuit back in the 1966 Batman series. But one of the most memorable actresses to ever crack the whip was easily Michelle Pfeiffer in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. Ladies and gentlemen, Pfeiffer’s out there proving to everyone she’s still the purrrr-fect Selina Kyle, (Sorry, we had to.)

In a post from Michelle Pfeiffer’s official Instagram account, the esteemed actress showed the world that she hasn’t lost her skills with the whip one bit in the 27 years since she played Catwoman. As she said in the text of her video, it’s “just like riding a bike.”

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Just like riding a bike ?

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Catwoman remains one of Pfeiffer’s favorite roles, and she lobbied hard to get the part. The role originally went to Annette Bening, but her pregnancy forced her to quit the role. After that, several noted actresses publicly lobbied for the part, most famously Blade Runner’s Sean Young, but it ultimately went to Pfeiffer. And her turn in the role was instantly iconic.

Sure, it’s a different take on the character than the comic book version of Selina Kyle. DC Comics’ Catwoman was never a forlorn secretary. Nor did she get pushed out a window and receive powers from wandering magical alley cats. Nor even blonde for that matter! But who cares? Once Michelle Pfeiffer puts on the outfit and started to crack the whip, it’s like she stepped right off of the page.

Although Michelle Pfeiffer is but one in a long list of legendary actresses to portray Ms. Kyle, she still ranks as our favorite. The Dark Knight Rises’ Anne Hathaway is maybe the more comics-accurate portrayal, we’ll still take the whip over the gun, thank you very much.

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