Rock Out to This Metallica-Themed Halloween Light Show

We’ve seen some pretty cool holiday home light displays over the years, especially around Halloween time. Usually to the tune of “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas” or the good old “Monster Mash.” But for this dazzling light show, brought to us via the folks at Laughing Squid, we’ve gone full metal.

Tom BetGeorge of  Magical Light Shows has decked out his house in Tracy, California with thousands of interactive lights for one killer show. Only this year, his singing jack-o’-lantern is a headbanger, rockin’ out to the Metallica a classic “ Enter Sandman.” You can watch the full video of BetGeorge’s latest Halloween light show down below.

Similar to BetGeorge’s previous light shows, this is as a free event for the local community. It’s only two hours a night on weekends, as a way to minimize excess traffic in the neighborhood. As with all his light shows, the money he raises goes to McHenry House, a local shelter for families.

BetGeorge’s other musical Halloween light show for 2020 features “The Monster” by Rihanna and Eminem. Which we must say, is an inspired choice. Over the past several years, Magical Light Shows have done some amazing work during spooky season. They’ve created wild displays featuring songs like Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusterscomplete with green slime effectand the Stranger Things title theme. There was also a great tribute to the best of Disney’s villains. And you can’t do a Halloween music light show without touching upon Michael Jackson’s “ Thrillerat least once.

Rock Out to This Metallica Themed Halloween Light Show_1

Tom BetGeorge

If you’re a local or passing through the neighborhood, then an in-person viewing of the show is available and needs to be scheduled through the  Magical Shows Facebook page. This is definitely one Halloween experience that you should probably witness in person if you’re able.

Featured Image: Tom BetGeorge

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