This Metal GAME OF THRONES Fire-Breathing Dragon Is Ready for Battle

As much as we may love Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon, we’re perfectly content to leave most things from the mind of George R. R. Martin safely in the world of fiction. It’s not exactly a fun world to live in. But man, it would be cool if there were dragons in real life. Although, you’d probably never want to meet one, especially if someone says “Dracarys” around it. Well, there are no real dragons sadly. But thanks to YouTube channel Coolest Thing, via Geeks Are Sexy, we’ve discovered one man who made the next best thing. An actual life-size steel version of Drogon. And yes, it really does breathe fire. You can see the video chronicling its creation right here:

Canadian metal sculptor Kevin Stone of Chilliwack B.C. has created some incredible sculptures out of stainless steel in his day, including an eagle for none other than Dolly Parton. But recreating a dragon from the world of Westeros proved to be his most daunting challenge so far. It took him two full years to complete the project and weld Drogon together. The final sculpture ended up being 12 feet tall, and 44 fee[‘t wide with his wings folded. If his wings were able to spread out, they’d be approaching 100 feet in wingspan! And this bad boy weighs a whopping 15,000 pounds.

Metal sculptor Kevin Stone's 15,000 pound recreation of a Game of Thrones dragon, made of stainless steel.
Metal Sculptor Kevin Stone

On Kevin Stone’s own YouTube channel, he goes into more detail about the creation of his Drogon sculpture. And you can also see lots of his other work, including one of a massive T-Rex. In Stone’s own words, it’s his goal to make something that will last for generations, and stand the test of time. We think some of these steel beasts are going to be around a whole lot longer than any of us. To see more, go to the Metal Sculptor Kevin Stone YouTube channel.

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