Photos of Men with Beards Looking Up Are Unexpectedly Surreal and Creepy

The human body is a strange and magnificent thing, as you surely know. We’ve had them… well, for as long as we’ve had ourselves, and after all these years, we’re still learning some pretty major things about these meat puppets our brains pilot through our lives. Most recently (as recently as just a few months ago, actually), we discovered the interstitium, a layer of tissue that surrounds our organs and could be considered an organ itself. Now, humanity has made an even more important anatomical discovery: If you have a beard and you tilt your head all the way back, it looks pretty weird. men have started taking selfies while looking all the way up, and what results–or so it seems, anyway–is a photo of a human-like, small-headed creature with a strange hairline and low, backwards ears. It really does look like something alien, which goes to show some things are all about perspective. Other Twitter users decided these things would look maybe less bizarre if they had faces on them. It’s up for debate whether or not they look more normal, but they do look a bit more human:

What does your beard photo look like? Is it as glorious or strange as any of the ones above? Snap a pic and share it with us on Twitter at @nerdist!

Featured image: Mike Mozart/Flickr

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