Melodica Player Follows Random Cosplayers and Plays Their Characters’ Themes

It’s not unusual to see a large number of cosplayers at conventions. The percentage of attendees wearing costumes only seems to increase each con season. One con-goer at July’s Indy PopCon treated those in disguise to a surprise by using her melodica, a free-reed and portable instrument kind of like a harmonica, to play bits of themes inspired by the characters the cosplayers were dressed as.

YouTuber Lily Pichu said she was “trolling cosplayers” but I think this is enchanting—so if there is such a thing as nice trolling, this is it. If she spotted a scout trooper from Star Wars, she played “Binary Sunset”; when she spotted a Jack Skellington, she played the theme from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love seeing the looks on the cosplayers’ faces as they slowly realize what they’re hearing. Watch:

How many themes do you recognize? I’m impressed by how many tunes Lily knows

This should be a thing at every convention. In the way that cosplay repair booths have become prevalent and common at conventions, they could start having cosplay musicians. I know a cacophony of noise is already an issue in crowded exhibit halls, but this sort of addition to the chaos would be one that makes people smile. And we all need more of that at conventions.

Tune into Lily’s YouTube channel for videos from conventions, art, and more.

Is this inspiring any musicians to pick up a mobile instrument and head to the nearest convention? Tell us in the comments.

Featured Image: Lily Pichu

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