Good news witches, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is almost here! Netflix has released a brand new clip from the series, and we finally get to see one of the moments fans have been waiting for: Kiernan Shipka’s teenage witch Sabrina meets her beloved black cat familiar Salem for the first time!

The creepy clip is surprisingly scary and shows a very different origin from the Salem we all grew up with. To give a little context to the footage, Sabrina has chosen to defy her aunts by calling out into the spirit world and asking for a familiar. She hears a terrifying voice as she gets ready for bed one night, and that’s where our clip begins. In the world of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, familiars are goblins who attach themselves to animals to better serve their witch masters; which explains the terrifying shadowy creature that appears before we see the sweet black cat we all know and love run out from behind Sabrina’s bedroom mirror.

Salem’s new spooky origin is just another example of how Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is carving out its own place out (of the flesh of mortals) away from the cheery Saturday morning television legacy of its predecessor. Are you excited for this new and terrifying vision of Sabrina the teenage witch? Really want to live in Greendale with all the cute witches and wizards? Totally devastated that Melissa Joan Hart isn’t playing one of Sabrina’s aunts? Grab your broomsticks and fly into our comments and let us know!

Images: Netflix, ABC

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