A Roundup of “Me Voting in 2016 Vs. Me Voting in 2018” Tweets

While every American election—be it presidential or local, primary or general—is important and demands the participation (and research!) of all citizens, many are treating this year’s midterm race as particularly dire. The votes cast on November 6 will determine which political parties will command the Senate and the House of Representatives, which will impact the carryout of taxes, insurance, civil rights, immigration, net neutrality… the list goes on. As such, a certain contingent of the voting public is feeling anywhere from amped up to freaked out upon heading to the polls, and have made of Twitter a tapestry of these feelings.You’ve no doubt seen the Me Voting in 2016 / Me Voting in 2018 meme—which chronicles the shift from calm to harried, or docile to taking-this-very-seriously—but here’s a roundup of some of the best pop-culture-inspired tweets in the series. (Nerd-friendly ones favored!)

To find out where your polling place is and who and what is on your ballet, click here.

Image: NBC

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