McDonald’s Giving Away McGold Cards That Get You Free Food for Life

If McDonald’s knew how many Chicken McNuggets I eat every year it would name me the company’s new mascot. (Yes, exactly like Homer Simpson at a seafood buffet.) But I don’t want Ronald McDonald’s job. Instead I’ll happily accept one of the fast food chain’s McGold Cards instead. Those magical tickets get you a lifetime of free food. And this holiday season McDonald’s is not only giving some away to lucky customers, it’s giving them extra cards to give to friends and family.

A gold McDonald's McGold Card with a single arch logo on a green background

McDonald’s announced it’s starting its “SZN of Sharing” by presenting hungry people everywhere an amazing opportunity. Starting on December 5, those who make a purchase via the McDonald’s app will gain entry into a contest for a McGold Card. Those mythical little tokens, typically given only to celebrities, get you free food for life at McDonald’s. Seriously!

You can enter to win until Christmas Day, December 25. After that three lucky customers will not only get their own McGold Cards, they’ll also get three additional cards to gift to their loved ones. (Good luck picking!)

A graphic showing McDonald's SZN of Sharing discountn menu with food and dates

Even if you don’t end up winning, though, the app will also offer other presents. That could be anything from a free sandwich to one costing just 50 cents. The “SZN of Sharing” will also feature new merchandise opportunities during those three weeks. That will include on December 7 a chance to snag Chicken McNuggets stockings, McDonald’s Dream Order PJs, a McDonald’s AM Wrapper Hoodie, PM Wrapper Hoodie in Egg McMuffin or Cheeseburger prints, and a puzzle of McDonald’s dipping sauces. And on December 14 the company is teaming with Diamond Supply Co. on Hamburglar graphic tees, a hoodie, and a beanie.

Obviously, though, I personally want one of those McGold Cards the most. I’m even willing to forever forego any claim to becoming McDonald’s official mascot if that’s what it takes. My McNugget expenditures are killing me.

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