Matthew McConaughey Played Virtual Bingo With Senior Citizens

Among the people COVID-19 poses a biggest threat to are seniors, our most vulnerable citizens. Keeping quarantined and away from others is the best way to protect them from this terrible disease. But quarantine comes with a price. All those hours without contact can be boring. And it can be lonely. Fortunately a group of residents at a senior living center in Texas got some major help passing the time from one of their state’s most famous celebrities. And they had more than an alright, alright, alright time playing virtual Bingo with Matthew McConaughey.

The Oscar winner and Lincoln luxury car spokesman joined the good, isolated folks at The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living in Texas for a few rounds of virtual Bingo. (Which we first heard about at Bored Panda.) The True Detective star, along with his wife Camila, their kids, and his mom Kay, called out the winning numbers during games. He also chatted with the residents during the game, so it wasn’t all “business.”

The residents of The Enclave all joined in online via video chat. But had their very own Bingo cards with them. As McConaughey called out the numbers they physically marked them down in person. And when someone got Bingo they got to hear the single most excited, most overqualified Bingo caller in history declare them the winner.

Think this will ruin future Bingo for these good folks? Once you’ve played with Matthew McConaughey is it like a Parable of the Cave situation? Do you need to get Tom Hanks to call out numbers next time to make it feel worth it?

Jokes aside, this was obviously an incredibly kind thing for McConaughey to do. And it also helped him promote his message from last month, when he urged us all to take care of each other during this fight with the novel coronavirus. Because every red light turns green eventually.

Things are not alright, alright, alright, but they will be. One Bingo game at a time.

Featured Image: NBC

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