Matt Damon Reprises GOOD WILL HUNTING as a Talking Christmas Ornament

Over 20 years ago, Matt Damon became a bona fide star with Good Will Hunting, a movie cowritten with  best pal Ben Affleck, about a janitor who secretly happens to be a mathematical genius unwilling or unable to really take advantage of his potential. Affleck and Damon won an Oscar for cowriting the screenplay while Robin Williams got best Supporting Actor as Will’s therapist.Although the movie has never had an official sequel, Damon has returned to the role in parody form before, notably in Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, in which Damon and Affleck as themselves are seen shooting an incongruous follow-up film entitled Hunting Season. In his latest gig hosting Saturday Night Live, Damon proved he had Good Will to all men, as he portrayed a talking Will Hunting Christmas tree ornament forever consigned to the wall-facing side of the holiday shrub. After he introduces himself, the sketch starts to take a darker, Toy Story 3-ish tone:

No, Ben Affleck doesn’t show up as a Batman V Superman ornament, though such things definitely exist. But Will’s troubled past comes to light in a whole new way, and there’s a really creepy angel visitation. How exactly DO you like them apples?Whoever is supposed to be decorating this tree, however, is somebody we question. They’re really going to hide the ornament their kid hand-made? They’re already bored of drunk Santa and a gloriously kitschy Cleveland souvenir? Rock those things with pride! You’ll understand why they hide Will Hunting once the ornament’s origin is made clear, but then why hang on to him at all?We’ll stick to Star Wars ornaments for now — those never go out of style.

Image: NBC

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