Marvel’s SCARLET WITCH Gets Her Own WeLoveFine Clothing Collection

Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a.  the Scarlet Witch, has been one of Marvel Comics’ most powerful characters since she was first introduced in Uncanny X-Men #4 over 50 years ago. She was one of Marvel’s first mutants, and she’s been a leading lady of the Avengers and one of the publisher’s most prominent female characters, behind only  Jean Grey, Storm, and maybe Black Widow. Plus, she’s been one of Marvel’s most forward-thinking characters as well—after all, she married an android once. I’m not even sure that was legal in 1974.

And yet, she often doesn’t get any respect. She’s super powerful, because her mutation—which causes “probability-altering hexes”—essentially gives her the power to change reality itself. But instead of all that mojo empowering her, writers at Marvel have mostly chosen to use all that power as an excuse to make poor Wanda go off the deep end, lose her marbles, and try to kill her friends. Multiple times. What is with Marvel women like Jean Grey and Scarlet Witch, that when they get super powerful they go nuts? I don’t remember this happening to Thor or the Silver Surfer. Just sayin’.In any event, Marvel has become much kinder to the Scarlet Witch in recent years, bringing her into her own go reclaim her power and her life, and no longer relegating her to status as a pawn for some male villain or an appendage to her brother Quicksilver or her husband  the Vision. And she finally  has her own series, after 50 years, written by James Robinson.  It’s pretty awesome.

And now you can celebrate your love of all thing Wanda with WeLoveFine’s collection of Scarlet Witch-inspired clothing, including capes, party dresses, and tank tops. On top of that, there’s a whole series of awesome t-shirts featuring Wanda for both women and men, drawing from the character’s whole history, including her most recent series. You can check out the whole selection at WeLoveFine’s website. To see a selection of what they offer, check out our gallery below.

Which is your favorite among WeLoveFine’s new Scarlet Witch inspired collection? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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