Marvel’s First Female Stunt Coordinator Shows What Her Job Is Like

If you’ve ever seen behind-the-scenes footage of a Marvel movie being filmed, you know that the superhero flicks involve a lot of green screens and CGI, because there are just some things that aren’t quite possible, like flying around skyscrapers or being the Hulk.

That said, plenty of what goes down on set is rooted in reality. Ultimately, there needs to be some level of actual human movement, and that’s where stunt doubles come in. In recent years, you’ve seen Monique Ganderton’s work: She’s Marvel’s first ever female stunt coordinator thanks to her work on Avengers: Infinity War, and she was also a stunt double and stunt performer on Captain America: Civil War, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Iron Man 3, and plenty of other films. In a new video, Ganderton has shared what goes into her job, and it’s pretty fascinating (via Neatorama).

The video above focuses mostly on Atomic Blonde, in which Ganderton was Charlize Theron’s stunt double. In the clip, she explains that somebody in her position can actually have some influence on the direction of a movie. There was a particular Atomic Blonde scene that was supposed to just involve Theron’s character shooting two guys, but after Ganderton convinced the director that a fight scene might be a better choice, they filmed a sample scene to show what it would look like in the movie, and that was ultimately the direction the scene went. It isn’t often you hear somebody push to do even harder work than necessary, but it paid off in the final product.

What Marvel movie has the best stunts? Let us know what you think down in the comments!

Featured image: Marvel

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