MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS Finally Run Away In Season 2 Trailer

Though we did see the peppy group of good teens finally leave their parents in the finale of the first season of Hulu’s brilliant Marvel’s Runaways, many fans were left questioning how much running the titular group would actually be doing after a particularly slow burn season that played with the comics origins and fans expectations. Well, today Hulu released a new trailer which showcased a whole bunch of action, adventure, magic, and a new character who fans of the comic will likely recognize.

From the outset the show has aimed to show that there is two sides to every story with a focus on not just the young heroes, but also their villainous parents. But this new teaser places the titular teens at the center which is incredibly exciting. Now they’ve actually runaway, we also get a brief glimpse of the Runaway’s iconic lair the Hostel– EW has a more in depth first look–and a hint that Nico’s powers might get a little bit closer to their magical comic book origin this time around. One of the biggest reveals though is the addition of Topher played by Jan Luis Castellanos. In the comics Topher is a vampire who allies himself with the Runaways but later tries to eat them (lol comics), and we’ll be really interested to see if he’s a bloodsucker in the–so far–more grounded adaptation. It also looks like this entry will delve into Karolina’s extraterrestrial background, and her relationship with Nico (YAY!)All episodes of Runaways Season 2 are available on Hulu from December 21 2018

Images: Hulu

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