Marvel Puzzle Quest Comes To Life When Odin Visits Team Nerdist

There’s a reason most companies don’t have “Take Your Dad to Work Day.” Who’d want to walk into the break room to catch their old man sharing awkward childhood stories with the entire staff? Yas, we’re all embarrassed by our parents on occasion, and that goes double for those of us whose parents are almighty gods, like  Odin. Just ask his son, our science editor  Kyle Hill. (What? the hair should have been a dead giveaway!) When his Norse deity dad stopped by our office in the latest episode of  Team Nerdist, he didn’t just bring a bevy of superpowers… he brought noogies and baby pictures! 

Thanks to Marvel Puzzle Quest for making this video possible!

This video, brought to you by Marvel Puzzle Quest, comes in celebration of the game’s new update inspired by Thor: Ragnarok. Players can now battle in the Sakaar Arena, play a unique Lightning Round event pitting you against 20 enemies in a mad scramble to top the leaderboards, and recruit the all-new Thor (Gladiator), a powerful 5-star Super Hero with brand new moves and weapons.

We’re sure Odin will show up to cheer on his son every time he enters the arena. And he’ll bring orange slices for everyone!

Who would be the most embarrassing Marvel god or superhero to have as a dad? Tell us in the comments below.

Editor’s note: This is  sponsored content is brought to you by Marvel Puzzle Quest. Marvel Puzzle Quest is available for free on the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and Steam–go to to learn more!

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