Marvel Just Launched a CLOAK AND DAGGER Digital Comic Series

Later this week, Cloak and Dagger will make their live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe debut with their new original series on Freeform. To mark the occasion, Marvel has revealed that a new Cloak and Dagger digital comic book miniseries is stealth launching today without any prior announcement.

Dennis Hopeless and artist David Messina are the creative team behind the new six-issue Cloak and Dagger comic, which will take place in-continuity with the rest of Marvel’s comic book universe. The first issue will touch upon the duo’s past to bring new readers up to speed before unleashing a new status quo which has separated the heroes and set them on their own paths.

As explained in the accompanying launch trailer, Dagger, a.k.a. Tandy Bowen, has received a serious power upgrade and no longer needs Cloak, a.k.a. Tyrone Johnson, to feed off of her excess light. Now, Dagger is operating as a solo heroine in California, and she’s got a brand new costume that shies away from her previously revealing look.

Naturally, Cloak isn’t taking the separation well and he’s keeping tabs on his former partner and lover. However, Cloak and Dagger remain bound together by fate no matter what they desire. In this storyline, they will once again be reunited as they deal with a threat that is uniquely suited for their powers of light and darkness.

Cloak and Dagger #1 is currently available on the Marvel Comics App or on ComiXology and Kindle.

Are you excited to see Cloak and Dagger back in their own comic book series? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

Images: Marvel Comics

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