Mark Ruffalo Spoiled AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR’s Ending Last Summer and No One Noticed

Warning: spoilers follow for Infinity War!

Avoiding spoilers while you wait for your turn to see Avengers: Infinity War has become a serious pastime for many folks, and for good reason. This is the biggest event in the MCU, and we’ve been told by the folks at Marvel and Disney the events from this film and the fourth Avengers will change the landscape of the MCU as we know it. It’s why hashtags like # ThanosDemandsYourSilence started to trend.

And while some of us just can’t help but spoil the ending after seeing the explosive film, which is likely why the hilarious, out-of-context spoilers have been circulating the internet, a lot of us didn’t know Mark Ruffalo actually spoiled the ending in July of 2017. A video from a  Good Morning America interview with Don Cheadle and Mark Ruffalo last year has been making the rounds, and Ruffalo gets a bit excited about Thor: Ragnarok (released in November 2017). Then he starts feeling a little bit too comfortable when talking about the adventures ahead in the MCU, and lets some pretty big beans spill.

“Wait until you see this next one, ha…everybody dies.”

Is it just us or does it sound like he’s going to say “half” before changing gears?

Poor, sweet Mark Ruffalo. And this interview was before he accidentally live streamed Ragnarok while at the premiere. You can see the instant regret in Ruffalo’s eyes when Don Cheadle hears Ruffalo’s statement about the “next one” (Infinity War) and shouts out, “Dude!” It is absolutely adorable watching him quietly ask if they could “rewind that part” to undo his goof in the interview.

Still, this spoiler reveal wasn’t as bad as it could have been. After all, Marvel made it very clear as the premiere got closer that not everyone would survive Infinity War, and Ruffalo’s statement didn’t really reveal what specifically would go down. After all, even if you do remember this interview, the true weight of this spoiler doesn’t really come through until after you’ve seen the film. So we’ve got to cut ol’ Bruce Banner a bit of slack, right? Just maybe make sure Ruffalo has a very clear list of talking points before Avengers 4 press starts, just to be safe.

Did you see this interview when it aired back in 2017? Do you think it was a slip or a planned bit? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Feature Image: Good Morning America

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