Mark Hamill Surprised STAR WARS Superfan Adam Scott

Adam Scott is most famous for playing super-nerd Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation, and it turns out that a lot of his character’s geekdom isn’t that far removed from who he is. In June of 2015, real-life Star Wars superfan Adam Scott was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and he spoke about the time he invited hero Mark Hamill to his eighth birthday party, saying he wrote a letter to the actor in hopes that he’d come. It was a truly adorable story… even though Hamill never showed up.

Fast-forward to last night (Star Wars Day, “May the Fourth” 2017), when Scott again guested on Kimmel and guest host Kristen Bell brought up that story again. While Scott was mid-sentence, the Star Wars theme music began playing in the studio, followed by the appearance of, yes, Mark Hamill.

We know Scott is a talented actor, but there was nothing artificial about his reaction. When he saw the lightsaber-wielding Hamill and realized what was happening, he started smiling from ear to ear, was nearly brought to tears, and was so darn excited that he couldn’t seem to stop his hands from shaking.

Hamill defended his absence from Scott’s party, saying he had other obligations keeping him busy that week. Regardless, this was a huge day for Scott, who said, “This really is one of the best moments of my life.” This reaction isn’t that surprising, considering that when Scott first told the Hamill birthday story to Kimmel, he said he got choked up years later when Hamill tweeted at him. In terms of reactions to achieving lifelong goals, though, Bell has Scott beat with the time she met a sloth.

Would meeting one of the Star Wars heroes make you freak out like this, or would you keep your cool? Let us know in the comments, or if you have met one of them already, tell us about it!

Featured image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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