Mario Zooms Through Universal Studios Japan’s SUPER NINTENDO WORLD in New Trailer

Despite operating under the iron fist of a tyrannical tortoise with an ostensible bone to pick with all things mammalian, the world of Super Mario and company has always seemed like a nice place to visit. Sure, tourists would be charged with dodging the odd spiked beetle, braving some of the harshest imaginable climates, and occasionally swimming vast distances without so much as a breath of oxygen.

But think of the exotic fauna–and, often just as animated, flora–you’d encounter! Imagine the dazzling views you’d catch from atop ghoul-infested pyramids, enchanted beanstalks, or stray Lakitu clouds! And of course, all the life-affirming mushrooms you could eat. If you’re sold on these highlights, you may want to book a trip to Universal Studios Japan– Super Nintendo World is on its way.

The Osaka-based theme park announced in December that it would be introducing Super Nintendo World as a new, extensive attraction, and is now first giving us a taste of what’s in store with the above new trailer. Granted, it’s not as though you should get your hopes up for this caliber of immersion into the Mushroom Kingdom.

But if the goal is to reproduce, to whatever degree possible, what we see in the video, then excitement should be high. The clip shows off glimpses of Princess Toadstool’s palace and Bowser’s castle, along with the leafy hills, snowy mountains, and vines aplenty we’ve come to expect from Mario games. Not to mention what appears to be the starting gates for–dare we dream so big?– real life Mario Kart!

All in all, Super Nintendo World seems worth getting pumped about. Which features of the Mario games are you most looking forward to seeing take form in real life?

Featured Image: Universal Studios Japan/ YouTube

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