These “Mario Kart” Fans Turned A Real Mall Into Coconut Mall

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Cosplaying at a convention is easy. Cosplaying in public for no reason… that’s a little strange. Dressing up as Mario Kart characters and racing through a shopping mall on a busy Saturday? Now that takes guts!

A group of seven friends decided it would be fun to race their karts through Westfield Shepherd’s Bush mall in West London on a Saturday afternoon. Uninvited. With some strategic Go-Pro camera placement, the group managed to capture the silliness on video. Security was none too pleased, but we sure were! Check it out:


Just days before, another group of gamers had a similar idea. But instead of going through a mall, the group decided to tackle San Fransisco’s notorious Lombard Street. The street is (in)famous for its downhill stretch with eight hairpin turns. These cosplayers didn’t really need bananas to wipe out on the dangerous road, but they did have help to pluck karts from the out of bounds areas.

Sketch group The Warp Zone in Ventura, CA also happened to publish a similar video at the same time, but this group chose to race on “hoverboards” rather than karts. What this group lacks in speed, they make up for in sound editing and special effects. Although, I suppose the lack of speed it part of the joke.

All of these look super fun. But who says Mario Kart is the only way to do some cosplay racing? What group cosplay would you do to have a kart race? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

Featured image credit: Nintendo

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