The ‘Flandalorian’ Serves Up a Tasty Dessert Homage to Din Djarin

The Mandalorian‘s third season finished with a bang. Specifically it finished with the bang of an Imperial Cruiser into Moff Gideon’s hidden base on Mandalore. Considering what he’d done to the planet before, that fiery inferno was just desserts for the Imperial officer. But while the Disney+ show served up a tasty bit of revenge for all Mandalorians, one fan of the series has cooked up something even more delicious. He paid tribute to the live-action Star Wars adventure with a Din Djarin dessert made entirely custard. Meet “The Flandalorian.”

TikTok user Marty Immortal (also known on social media as The Mad Maker) is to custard what Mandalorians are to beskar steel. Only instead of a forge like the Armorer he used an oven to craft his scared work. He turned that sweet treat into an edible bust of Grogu’s dad.

It comes complete with the bounty hunter’s armor and signature Mandalorian helmet. It even includes a signet for the mythosaur, though it’s tough to see.

A flan mold of The Mandalorian's Din Djarin on a plate in sauce

His first attempt at making The Flandalorian came out a little flat-alorian. It more closely resembled what Djarin would look like if Gideon had sliced the top off his head off with the Darksaber.

This piece looks too good to eat, but unlike beskar flan isn’t designed to last. Consuming this like the flames consumed Moff Gideon was obviously the only choice.

If you’re curious how a gelatinous foodstuff could be shaped like this it was made using a mold originally designed for a more permanent Din Djarin bust. Which is also how The Mad Maker delivered a cheese Mandalorian.

Should they serve this at Galaxy’s Edge in Disney parks? Only if Disney wants to make a lot of money. Because if there’s one thing we love more than The Mandalorian itself it’s expressing our love for the show and character via dessert. Now that is really the way.

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