This Man Rode His Homemade Roller Blade Suit on a Busy Highway

The movie Yes Man has a post-credits scene where Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel put on suits covered in roller blade skates and go careening headfirst on their stomachs down a curving hillside road. It’s funny because it’s totally insane, a truly horrible idea that could easily result in at least a dozen horrible ways to die. It’s definitely not something any reasonable person would do, at least not on a public street where cars can travel. Which brings us to one of the least reasonable people in the world: a man who wore an electric roller skate suit on a busy highway.

In a story we came across at Geekologie, the YouTube channel Trần Tiến put together these different camera angles of a Chinese man entering the highway from an on ramp before whizzing around traffic, all on his suit of wheels. Without the remote control in his hand to power the electric skates on his chest, this wouldn’t be a video we could actually show you, because instead of being apprehended by the police he would have been picked up by an ambulance… or a hearse.

How much of an action junkie do you have to be to try this? Are rollercoasters or motorcycles just not cutting it these days? Heck, if you want to risk death by zooming headfirst on your stomach, the Olympics offers Skeleton as an event. At least there you never have to worry about a semi-truck coming onto the track.

We have no idea who came up with this idea, but you don’t have to say “yes” to everything, man. Be reasonable.

Would you be willing to use one of these? Would you do it on a highway? Drive into our comments below to tell us why.

Featured Image: Trần Tiến

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