Making Anime Intros With No Budget

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Or making anime intros with no budget, at least. Jintatat Rugsaraj has taken the Homemade Movies approach to various top flight shonen series and “Sweded” their OP’s in his bedroom. He might even be taking the whole ethos a step farther (or back?), because these are largely one-man productions don’t even leave his room for the most part. It’s just him, some toys, some make-up, some markers, the occasional pet tortoise, and a whole bunch of enthusiasm for anime.

A lot of the time, the resemblance of what Jinatat does on his webcam can get a fair bit interpretative, so he’s actually super-imposed the original video feed onto the bottom corner of the frame for comparison. At every moment, you’ll at least know what the young man’s going for. He may not be as loud about his love as the kid whose viral video once so infamously proved that Super Saiyans are in fact real, but he’s certainly mirthful about his mimicry. Some of these re-staged openers come complete with Jinata’s renditions of the shows’ theme songs, too.

Here, the man belts out a cover of Daisuke’s “Moshimo” while pulling off some jutsus from Naruto‘s OP12. While it’s fun to see a treadmill enable a signature anime run, the most clever flourish may be the use of flour to recreate an Earth-shaking ninja chop.

Jintatat doubles for Luffy, and Zoro, and Sanji, and every single character featured in One Piece‘s first OP. He even marks his forearm up with green and makes it wiggle like a snake to replicate the giant sea serpent slinking alongside the Strawhats while they’re at sail.

No otaku has ever gone long without donning a spiky, yellow wig to copy the look of those all-powerful Super Saiyans, but few have ever worn it with the kind of gusto Jintatat exudes when paying tribute to Dragon Ball Z‘s first opener.

Which tribute here impresses you most? Have you ever dared to Swede an anime? Share everything in the talkback!

Featured Image Credit: Jintatat Rugsaraj

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