Make Your (Hunter’s) Mark With Vex’s Blue Feather Hair Clip

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Critical Role‘s Vex’ahlia is known for a few things, like her frugality, her love of flight, and her unyielding loyalty to her friends. But there’s one image that everyone pictures when they think of the half-elven ranger: Blue feathers tucked in her dark hair.

This easy DIY shows you how to make a blue feather hair clip in almost no time at all, perfect for completing your Vex costume or for those moments when you want to channel your inner ranger.

What You’ll Need

  • 3-4 medium-sized blue craft feathers
  • Black leather cord (latigo lace)
  • Snap clip
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Get Started!

Begin by gluing together the feathers on the quills, lining them up and gluing them in a straight a line as possible. Let cool.

Next, cut a piece of the black leather lace about 8 inches in length. Bend and twist the lace to soften up the leather and make it more flexible for the next step of the craft.

Glue one end of the lace to the feather quills. Add more glue to the quills, and slowly wrap the leather lace around them, until the ends of the quills are completely covered. (Be careful not to burn your fingers on the hot glue!)

Once the lace is wrapped completely around, cut off the excess lace and glue down the end.

Let the glue cool, and pick off any extra dried glue bits as needed.

Next, cut a small piece of leather lace. Place a small amount of glue in the opening in the middle of the wrapped leather. Fold the small piece of leather lace inside as a cap. Let cool.

Next, open the snap clip and place the pencil inside to hold it open.

Glue the tip of the open hair clip to the wrapped leather, and let cool. Remove the pencil. The clip should open easily without any glue holding it closed.

Your Vex’ahlia hair clip is complete!

Where do you think Vex found her blue feathers? Share your theory in the comments.

Vex’ahlia photo: Geek & Sundry

All other photos: Kelly Knox

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