How to Make Your Eyes Glow Like Thor’s

Whether you come from the land of the ice and snow, or are merely a cool cosplayer with a yen for glow, we have a Marvel Norse God helmet here that’s truly a……wait for it……sight for Thor eyes.Via Geekologie, YouTuber Kyle of Asgard (not to be confused with our own Asgardian Kyle) has developed a wireless, remote-operated system to make his eyes glow blue like a supercharged thunder deity. You have to find your own helmet (he has some pointers on that), but once that’s in hand he’ll teach you how to rig up an eye-light reel. You’re responsible for your own hammer.The basic principle is that you need ultraviolet-reflective contact lenses, and then you create a rig to shine UV light into your eyes, something you really don’t want to do for prolonged periods because it’s bad for them. Consider the glowing eyes a quick, showy party trick rather than an all-day accessory. Unfortunately for us, there is no invention you can shine on your body to make you look like you suddenly and magically have Chris Hemsworth’s physique. But the eyes are impressive.

Whether they leave you worthy to wield the hammer of Thor is an open question. But as long as you can place a jerry-rigged helmet atop your head, you can give an electric gaze and possibly generate some sparks (metaphorically only, please). Or maybe you’d rather portray Electro than Thor; we won’t judge. He was the best part of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 by far.

Image: Kyle of Asgard

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