Magic: The Gathering’s Kaladesh Preview Card: What did You Feed That Gremlin?!

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Gremlins! Don’t get them wet, no bright light, and don’t feed them after midnight. At least, those are the gremlins we’re familiar with. Magic: The Gathering has gremlins of its own, who are little beasts that cause mischief in the colorful city of Kaladesh. They feed on the precious metal structures, vehicles and other metal objects throughout Kaladesh, wrecking everything in a very short amount of time. The gremlins can’t help it… they were born that way.

My preview card for the Kaladesh set is one of these very same gremlins, and it’s a game changer. Say hello to Brazen Scourge:

A three power, three toughness Haste creature for three mana in red has only been done one other time in the history of Magic, and that card was called Boggart Ram-Gang from the Shadowmoor expansion. That one required any combination of red or green mana. It took six years for another card like this to be printed, and Brazen Scourge is likely to have quite an effect on the game.

Along with other aggressive Red cards in the new set like Chandra, Torch of Defiance, Harnessed Lightning, Thriving Grubs and Lathnu Hellion, we may see a resurgence of mono-Red in the Standard format, something that hasn’t happened for some time.

My other preview card also has a Gremlin on it that’s causing quite a bit of havoc. Here’s Demolish:

We last saw this card in Origins, and here it is again. Demolish is not the greatest artifact/land destruction card in the world, but it’ll be absolutely essential in sideboards of the Limited format for dealing with problem cards.

As the Gremlins cause havoc throughout the fantasy city of Kaladesh, you’ll want to harness these hungry creatures as a red mage, and put the smackdown on your opponent as quickly as possible. That’s what playing Red in Magic is all about causing as much destruction as you can!

What do you think about the new cards? Let us know in the comment section below and make sure you check out the rest of the set on the Magic: The Gathering website.

Image Credits:
Brazen Scourge by Kev Walker © Wizards of the Coast
Demolish by Steven Belledin © Wizards of the Coast
Featured Image © Wizards of the Coast
Kaladesh Logo © Wizards of the Coast

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